Hello Future

Siemens AG HELLO FUTURE HOW DO YOU MOTIVATE 50,000 EMPLOYEES TO INNOVATE? Learn more INNOVATION CHALLENGE STARTING POINT Change processes aren’t an end in themselves, but they serve to secure competitive advantages. Siemens Energy Management has recognized this and wants to encourage more than 50,000 employees to see change as a true business opportunity. SOLUTION […]


Siemens Healthineers ANGIOGRAPHY SYSTEM EXCITING PRODUCT LAUNCH FOR SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS Learn more EXCITING PRODUCT LAUNCH STARTING POINT Angiography is an imaging technique that makes blood vessels visible for diagnosis and therapy. The new Artis one angiography system from our customer Siemens Healthineers is used, for example, in cardiology in interventions like placing stents. What’s special […]

Being Fürth

City of Fürth IMAGE CAMPAIGN SIMPLY BEING FÜRTH A CITY SHOWS WHAT MAKES IT TICK Learn more SIMPLY BEING FÜRTH STARTING POINT “The most beautiful thing about Fürth is the subway to Nuremberg.” The fact that this phrase has already become a catch-phrase in the region illustrates what the city lacks: Fürth gets little attention […]

Druckluft Koenitzer

Druckluft Koenitzer BRAND RELAUNCH DYNAMICS AND POWER VIVIDLY STAGED Learn more DYANAMIC AND STRENGTH STARTING POINT Druckluft Koenitzer has been specializing in compressors, pneumatic parts, and plant design for over 50 years. Next to electricity, compressed air is the most important type of industry drive. Until now, the Koenitzer brand was traditionally technical and rather […]

Compressed Sensing

Siemens Healthineers COMPRESSED SENSING INTRODUCING A WORLD FIRST IN MRI Learn more COMPRESSED SENSING STARTING POINT With Compressed Sensing, Siemens Healthineers has developed a technology that drastically reduces MRI examination times. The first clinical application is CS Cardiac Cine, which for the first time allows operators to perform cardiac examinations faster  without compromising image quality. […]


IMAGE CAMPAIGN FOR CD CD EXTENSION FOR TOP INTRALOGISTICS MANUFACTURER LEARN MORE CORPORATE DESIGN STARTING POINT BEUMER Group is a leading international manufacturer of machinery and equipment for intralogistics. The company came to DYADIC with one goal: to modify its new image campaign for all communications levels and media. This led to our commission to […]

Leadership Calendar

52 TIMES RETHINKING LEADERSHIP THE AGILE LEADERSHIP CALENDAR FOR SIEMENS AG Learn more LEADERSHIP CALENDAR STARTING POINT How do you firmly anchor a change in leadership in the thinking and actions of managers? This can only be achieved in the long term if they are encouraged to rethink and try things out. In this way, […]